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Some Free Wav & Rex Samples

Some free wav & rex samples

We recently put together a sample pack for Hospital Records with loads of loops, drums, basses, arps, synths etc. Not going to bore you with the details again but if you want to read more about it then visit the Hospital Shop.

In the meantime, for no reason other than it’s a bit sunny here in London, have some of the samples from it free. There’s a mix of stuff in both .wav and .rex format. Go ahead and use them for whatever you like, and feel free to pass this on to anyone who might find it useful.
[button link=”” size=”medium” target=”_blank” background=”#a3cccc”]Click here to download the sample pack[/button] If you want an idea of the sort of sounds included, below is a set of quick demo sketches we knocked together using only samples from the pack and nothing else.

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