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4 Tips For Music Making

4 Tips for Music Making

4 Tips for Music Making

A couple of months back someone asked us for some concise hints that might be useful for budding music makers, so this is what we came up with.
Feel free to share the original Facebook post with anyone who you think might find it helpful.

1) Turn up for work every day.
Nothing will happen if you dabble for 4 hours a week. Always be doing something that moves things forward. Be in the habit of work.

2) Keep a critical distance.
Listen to what you’re doing as if through the ears of someone hearing it for the first time. Constantly detach yourself from your activity in order to hear it objectively.

3) Work fast.
Be in the habit of generating lots of ideas all the time. Don’t get hung up on overworking the first idea you have. Have 10 more ideas then go back later and pick the best one to work on once you have some perspective.

4) Retain focus.
Be in the habit of finishing things rather than endlessly tinkering. The longer it takes to achieve a result the harder it will be to achieve a result. Actually work, don’t practice working.

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