Empire State Remix Competition Winners

Big thanks to everyone who entered our DJ Mag Remix Competition, we hope you enjoyed working on your remixes. We had over 300 entries and there were many moments of genius among them. We ended up with a shortlist of around 16 we really liked and it was extremely hard picking out a single favourite.

We’ve left comments open at the bottom of this page so you can tell us why we made the wrong decision and that your mate should have won etc… Feel free to speak your brains down there.


In the end Tominaga’s remix won us over for it’s sheer uniqueness. It’s impossible to present a clip here that gives you a full idea of the reworking she’s done on our original track as it changes radically every few moments from beginning to end. Tominaga’s turned the original track inside-out and totally made it her own. She’s sung vocals and played classical piano adaptations of Titan’s melodies and bassline, turning the whole remix into a mindwarping journey that leaves us a bit overwhelmed every time we listen through it. If you follow our label, Blu Mar Ten Music, you’ll know we’re mainly interested in artists who try to find a unique voice in Drum & Bass, who try to stick out rather than fit in, and Tominaga’s achieved this in spades. Her rework will be released as part of the Empire State Remix Project later this year alongside remixes of other Empire State tracks from some of D&B’s best producers.

You can read more about Tominaga and follow her in other places here


There were many contenders for the runner-up slot but we finally settled on Law & Wheeler’s remix. A lovely re-imagining of the classic Boymerang / Doc Scott Blue Note sound with a great, up-to-date level of production that triggered all our favourite memories. This was a very, very close contender for overall winner, in fact we debated back and forth about it for almost a week. Of all the remixes, this one will stay in our bag for gigs the longest.

You can read more about Law & Wheeler and follow them in other places here

We’d also like to give honorary mentions to the following artists who were in the running as some of our favourites. We’ll definitely be keeping a keen eye of some of this lot for possible future Blu Mar Ten Music releases.

Andy Pain
Between Identity
Junior SP & Resonant Status

As the competition is now over we’re happy for you to make your remixes available for listening or download if you wish.

Thanks to everyone who entered!




To be honest, the winner is class that’s for sure, and i respect your decision! :)
But i’m just a little bit disappointed i’ve put so much effort in the remix, and i didn’t even get into the best 16, despite of getting large amount of excellent feedback.

Anyways, thanks for this opportunity for Blu Mar Ten, big up for the winner and the runner-up! And i’m looking forward to the next competition as i love to remix Blu Mar Ten tunes! :)

Best wishes,

Daniel InC.dnb

Remixing this was a joy. Thank you, Blu Mar Ten, for the amazing opportunity! Congratulations to the winners and to all who got it done and in! Keep going everyone!

I knew mines were too weirds but I tried, congrats to Tominanga, Law & Wheelers and all the others!

Congratulations to the winners !!!
Pleasure to work around your sounds guys..

A pleasure to work with your material, looking forward to the next competition.

Damn not even top 16…

Have a big fight in the comments…

Not gonna fight! The winners sound very good indeed. I’m happy to have made the top 16. Thanks for the opportunity BMT!

Both winner and runner-up sound great, two different takes but both awesome. Are there any issues with uploading our own to Soundcloud, now the comp is over?

They said on this page “As the competition is now over we’re happy for you to make your remixes available for listening or download if you wish.”

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